Our Impact

We are thankful for all those who have participated, volunteered, and/or donated to help the clinic to live out our goals. By supporting the access of quality healthcare to all people, you have not only affected the lives of each patient who walks through our doors, but you have helped the community at large - keeping more people working, equipping children for school, and enhancing our community’s quality of life through health and wellness education.

The following graphics illustrate the work that has been done and the people who have been treated since 2017. The need for healthcare has consistently grown, and the number of patients treated continues to rise since we first opened in 2017, prompting us to add pop-up clinics in response to Hurricane Michael. We are committed to growing with the community and expanding our days and hours of service over time with the help of our donors and volunteers. We invite you to give in support of these efforts, and we thank you for your time, gifts, and service!


Our Patients

We have recently started tracking demographic information to learn more about our patient population, and the following data is from 188 patient surveys to date.

What is your age in years?
Cual es tu edad en años?


What is the highest level of education you have completed?
¿Cuál es el nivel más alto de educación que ha completado?


What is your total household income?
¿Cuál es el ingreso total de su hogar?


Were you affected by Hurricane Michael?
¿Te afectó el huracán Michael?